Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Whether you're a start-up or a worldwide corporation, likelihood is that you're already using cloud services in one form or the opposite . From sending email online, taking note of music, watching TV to editing documents and doing all of your banking transactions, you're using the cloud all the time. But, if you're watching cloud based services Delhi NCR region for your business operations then you would like to carefully consider what's on offer. Cloud based services Delhi NCR should only be selected on the idea of reliability and therefore the expertise they provide .

Cloud Services

Internet has changed the way businesses are conducted lately . Be it hosting, application development, data storage or streamlining your business operations, cloud services can lookout of all of your needs. What you would like is reliable cloud based services Delhi NCR.

The main advantage for organisations moving to the cloud is that the incontrovertible fact that they get stress free time to require their businesses to subsequent level, because the cloud service provider is liable for all of your IT concerns. From maintenance, support to security and backup, your cloud based services Delhi NCR provider will lookout of everything associated with IT.

The common cloud offering of 7sky Technology are software as a service or SaaS, platform as a service or PaaS and infrastructure as a service or IaaS. counting on your need and requirement you'll choose the services from 7sky Technology at affordable prices.

Software as a service or SaaS – A distribution model where we host all of your applications and make it available to you over the web .

Platform as a service or PaaS – Without the headache of installation and downloads we deliver to you the operating systems along side other related services over the online . You save on all of your IT infrastructure costs.

Infrastructure as a service, or IaaS – we offer all that you simply need, from virtual machines, OS and networks to storage, support and hardware, in order that all of your IT infrastructure requirements are met without you having to take a position in costly machineries.

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