Cyber Defense Resilience Service

Cyber Defense Resilience Service

Organizations’ dependence on internet-based technologies continues to hit new heights as organizations, large and little , adapt their operations and offerings round the digital economy. This dependence is exposing companies to an ever increasing and changing threat landscape, starting from cyber-attacks, like DDOS and ransomware, to impacts of knowledge privacy regulation like financial penalties and more rigorous processing scrutiny.

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Generic resiliency refers to a system’s ability to get over a fault and maintain persistent service dependability when faced with faults. The aim of cyber resilience, then, is to make sure that business operations are safeguarded, in order that a threat or breach doesn't demobilize the whole business.

EY defines cyber resilience because the seamless initiation of several approaches to take care of the continued delivery of operations during an interruption . Together, the approach covers the whole lifecycle of capabilities required for planning for, detecting, responding to, recovering from, and improving after a cyber related disruption. These approaches include:

  • Cyber security
  • Risk management
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery

Organizations require strategic & tactical expert advisory and consulting, especially during transformations, to establish a robust cybersecurity framework. Hence, a detailed planning and meticulous execution becomes crucial to ensure smooth transition, from the design & deployment stage to operations.

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